Innovation: The Critical Link that Loops Waste back to Wealth. – An exegesis of Ecoloop’s journey of growth.

Mary Ngechu, is a dedicated Global Sustainability Ambassador, Environmental Enthusiast, Social Entrepreneur, and an influential figure in the realm of Women in Manufacturing. Her passion extends beyond individual endeavors as she wholeheartedly commits to nurturing businesses, empowering communities, and championing sustainable practices. As a fervent environmental enthusiast, Mary is on a mission to raise awareness about integrated waste management practices and sustainable manufacturing. Her advocacy extends to fostering a mindset of sustainability, emphasizing the interconnectedness of actions and their impact on the planet. She champions the creation of green jobs in a Circular Economic model. Her tireless efforts envision a future where partnership and collaboration form the bedrock of transformative change.

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“What will it take to fix South Africa’s broken waste management system?”

Prof Linda Godfrey is a Principal Scientist at the CSIR and Extraordinary Professor at North-West University, South Africa, and holds a PhD in Engineering. With over 25-years of sector experience, she manages Circular Innovation South Africa and the Waste RDI Roadmap Implementation Unit on behalf of Government. She has provided strategic input to a number of local, regional and international waste and circular economy initiatives for the United Nations, European Union, World Bank, South African Government, business and academia. She lectures internationally on solid waste management and the circular economy in the context of developing countries. She has published extensively in the field.