Volunteer programme

Volunteer applications will close on 15 May 2024 and spaces are limited, please ensure you review all requirements below prior to applying.

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Note: Any missing information / documentation may lead to rejection. 


The purpose of the volunteer programme is to provide:

  • support for the other Subcommittee Chairs in whatever capacity needed before and during the congress
  • support for the Professional Conference Organisers before and during the congress
  • provide information and delegate assistance at the congress
  • provide support to students, interns and the retired in the waste industry, who do not qualify for funding, to attend some of the sessions at the congress

Volunteer Job Descriptions and Opportunities

  1. Venue Ushers/Hall Monitors/CPD Scanners
    Venue Ushers/Hall Monitors/CPD Scanners will assist the Technical/AV Manager/Session Chairs in making sure that all conference venues are ready for presentations and set up. To make sure that all venue signage matches the conference programme. Check chairpersons are in place and all AV requirements are in working order. Ensure CPD scanners are in working order, and scan as delegates enter and leave the room.
  2. Directional Ushers/Hosts
    Directional usher/hosts will be positioned in the galleries and hallways of the conference centre. The task will be to provide directions to delegates attending the conference and answer any queries delegates may have. This is to reduce the need for directional signage. They may be required to hold a sign, for a specific session or event and you will need to go through the CTICC prior to the event to become accustomed to its layout and where all of the venues are. You will also need to be very familiar with the programme.
  3. Branding Assistants/Sponsorship Assistants
    A Brand or Sponsorship Assistants will provide assistance to the project manager on site. They will check that all branding is displayed correctly in the correct areas and that all commitments by third party suppliers for the rigging of branding have been met. They will swap banners in the plenary sessions as needed according to our sponsor obligations.
  4. Exhibition Runners
    Exhibition runners will assist the exhibition manager and exhibitors by running errands, delivering materials and answering any queries.
  5. Speaker Room Staff (IT Literate)
    The speaker room staff will assist speakers with queries and loading the presentations in the speaker prep room. Candidates must be extremely IT literate.
  6. Bag Packing Staff
    The bag packing staff will assist with packing the conference bags with all of the conference materials (programme, flyers, promotional items, bottles, etc). This is a physical job which will require lifting of boxes.
  7. Social Event Ushers/Hosts
    Social event ushers will run errands for the Project Manager, assist with ushering delegates into venues, finding seats and assist with queries on site.
  8. Registration Assistant (PC Literate/languages)
    Registration assistants will assist delegates with their conference registration when arriving onsite. Print their name badges, show them where the lanyards are, provide a conference bags and other materials and answering any queries that they may have.


Any student registered at a tertiary higher education institution (HEI) in 2024, any Waste Intern and any retired Waste Manager in 2024 are eligible for selection to join the volunteer programme. They should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Proficiency in English (other languages are very welcome as support for certain job categories)
  • Ability to work between 8 hours before and/or during ISWA2024 (2 x 4 hour shifts) this may vary.
  • Have access to an active e-mail address and cell phone for contact with managers of the programme.
  • Ability to travel to the conference venue unassisted financially.
  • Able to pay for or arrange for their own accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Understand that their commitment to work means that people are depending on them to be there to perform their assigned tasks. Punctuality and hospitality are essential.
  • Ability to attend training sessions one day prior to the conference and help one day after the conference (T.B.A).
  • Be organized, motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Possesses good communication skills and the ability to think on their feet; able to work as a team and able to deal with large groups of people in a stressful environment.
  • Should take ownership of the programme activities with minimal supervision – certain job descriptions entail supervisory roles.
  • Ability to take instructions and follow instructions and deal with onsite problems.
  • Proficiency in social media.

Highly desired attributes

  • Ability to speak an additional African; European language, or Mandarin/Cantonese
  • A background in event or waste management (essential)
  • Previous conference experience; (not essential) and
  • Financially able to support own travel and accommodation

Application Process

Applications must be completed online through the volunteer application submission portal.

Required documentation

Applicants need to submit the following required documentation with their application through the online portal:

  • Application form (online application)
  • Copy of identity document or passport
  • Proof of registration at a Tertiary HEI (2024) OR letter of appointment as Waste intern OR ID and Proof of Employment in waste industry previously for retired waste managers
  • Short CV (maximum 1 page) including previous experience managing groups, working at conferences, proficiency with social media, languages, and any other attributes etc.

Information on the online application form

Applicants need to submit the following required information on the online application form:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • ID and or Passport number
  • E-mail address and cellular phone number
  • Male/Female
  • Street address (Street, City, Province, Postal code)
  • Languages (Speak/Read/write – Good/Medium/Poor)
  • Student registration particulars OR intern employer particulars OR company particulars retired from
  • Written motivation (250 words) for the volunteer programme in English. If proficient in other languages, provide a translated version of the motivation into that language
  • Translated motivation in any other language
  • CV describing previous experience and/or skills relevant to the ISWA2024 Volunteer programme
  • Please indicate what topics you are interested in having the opportunity to attend. We cannot guarantee this but will attempt to schedule your working hours around the final programme to assist you to attend the symposium of your choice.
  • Please indicate from the list which jobs you believe you would add value to and could perform the duties.
  • Any special needs

Note: Any missing documentation may lead to rejection.



Each application will be assigned to two Volunteer Programme committee members who will independently assess the application. The assignment of applications to committee members will be done randomly by the Chair, and workloads will be evenly spread between committee members. Assessments and ratings will be reviewed by the Chair of the Volunteer programme committee, who will then, under the necessary advisement of senior members of the ISWA2024 local organizing committee (LOC), rank the candidates from high ratings to low. Jobs will then be allocated to each successful applicant and the applicants will be informed via email.

Eligibility of applicants

Before the assessment and rating of an application starts, the following must be done:

  • All the required documentation must be accounted for. (If more volunteers are needed, any missing or further required documentation needs to be requested directly from the delegate who must produce it within 3 days of notification, otherwise the application will be rejected.
  • The eligibility of an applicant must be determined before any further assessment is done. This is done according to the guidelines set out on the Volunteer Programme web page (Will be put up when required).
  • The applicant needs to be allocated from a list of predetermined jobs.

Rating system – review process

In order to rank the merit and quality of applications, a rating system will be implemented.
The structure will be as follows:

  • Quality of the essay (motivation) in terms of English and other language – mark out of 30
  • Short CV (experience with conferences, management, social media, field trips etc) – mark out of 20
  • Essay in an additional language – additional mark out of 10
  • Final total out of 60 (average of two ratings)
  • In the case of large (more than 10 mark) discrepancies between the ratings, the application will be forwarded to the Conference Chair to be rated. Of the three ratings, the average of the two ratings closest to each other will be used.
  • After completion of the ratings, assessment and moderation, applications will be ranked in descending order, and jobs will be allocated according to each candidate’s abilities and experience.

Awarding of Volunteer Positions

Once the adjudication process is complete and the 26 volunteer positions filled, the successful applicants, will be informed about their schedules, and when and where to report for training. The allocation of volunteer spaces, jobs and the shifts to respective Volunteers will be communicated by the 30 August 2024. Should you not receive your schedule, please contact the volunteer team Ms Lesley Ferreira on lesley@cebisaconferences.co.za.

Remuneration of Volunteers

Volunteers will receive the following:

  • Free online registration for the conference, exhibition and functions
  • Bibs (which will be supplied when volunteers attend the training sessions)
  • Meals and teas
  • A CV Certificate/Letter of Appreciation which will be sent to volunteers after the conference, provided all obligations are met.


A compulsory training session will be held at the Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC) – dates to be advised closer to the conference. An orientation session, together with a briefing session on all job responsibilities and scheduling of shifts will be confirmed and finalised. Should you not arrive at this training session, the organisers reserve the right to retract your volunteer support and exclude you from the activities and from being able to attend the sessions.

Shifts Schedule / Timing (14 September Through To 18 September)
(Example of Shift Timing – Not Confirmed)
AM shift – (4 hours). Lunch on your own time
PM Shift – (4 hours). Lunch on your own time

Note: For more information contact Ms Lesley Ferreira on lesley@cebisaconferences.co.za
and Ms Serei Nelwamondo on snelwa09@gmail.com

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